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Paipo P6 (read entire post)

$180.00 / Sold Out

The Paipo is an ancient Hawaiian-style belly board that is flat, finless, and made of wood. It is beautiful and more fun than you can imagine. They have a gently rolled nose with a subtle concave through the back.

Dutch paipos are made of poplar wood and finished to an immaculate shine with marine grade varnish. They run from 34 to 48 inches generally.

Let go of your preconceived notions of what surfing should look like, grab a paipo, and have the time of your life.

Size: 36 x 18

Ship anywhere in the US for $35 (that's a deal). Free Pickup in San Clemente CA.

****This paipo was used as a demo and has some minor scratches and chips in different places. It will not affect the performance of the board one bit, but there are some scuffs. It was also waxed for the Handplane Hoedown but never got in the water. That is why it is discounted heavily.