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Ma's Worry 1


Ma's Worry is named after an ancient skateboard that my old man made from disassembling an old roller skate and putting the wheels on the bottom of a scrap piece of lumber from his old man. He painted "Ma's Worry" on it because his mom would always shudder at the idea of him careening down the hill in front of their house. He also painted "409" on it, because The Beach Boys and big blocks never go out of style.

Well, I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. And my mom always lets me know how much she prays when she hears I'm going out in big waves. This boards roots are in early Michigan hill bombing that has grown into California glide.

This mid-length is all about fun. Slightly rolled bottom transitions to a little bit of vee and turned down rails in the back for a sweet release. Reminiscent of those fun single fins we used to see more of.

Glossed. Polished. Tail and deck patches. Opaque glass

Pick up only in San Clemente, CA.

8' x 21.75 x 3