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Frequently Asked Questions

Do they really work?

Yes, handplanes work phenomenally.  They increase the planing surface of your hand and make bodysurfing easier and more fun.  I have never known anyone to be frustrated or unhappy after bodysurfing.  So in the sense of enjoyment, they work great. 

Why not an adjustable strap?

At Dutch Surfboards, we don't believe we have to be everything for everybody, we just have to be something special for someone special.  We believe in a custom fit and a beautiful aesthetic are of utmost importance.  Simplicity and beauty go hand in hand.  Our straps are made to fit snug and look great.  Dutch handplanes hang on the wall as well as they hold the high-line.  

What size should I get?

Our straps fit like any standard glove.  If you are concerned, try some gloves on at a local sporting goods store and you should get the idea.  

What's with the bottom?  

The double concave with spine helps to hold a line in critical situations.  It's like a fin for a plane and it works great.  

What kind of finish is used?

Marine grade spar urethane is used on all standard planes.  This is the stuff that is used on wooden boats.  It is not cheap, but if it works for a boat that lives in the water, it'll work for a plane that plays in the water.

Whats the Weekend Whomper? They are our entry level plane.  It'll come to your house for less than forty bones.  They have a simplified bottom and might even have some extra imperfections, but they are insanely fun.  Weekend Whompers use a simple linseed oil mixture finish to stay fresh.

Why free shipping?

Cuz nobody wants to pay shipping, duh.

Can I get a custom handplane?

Yeah, just email and we can get a custom plane with your desired shape, stain, size, engraving, and strap.  It might cost a few extra bucks, but it'll be made just for you.

Why isn't it perfect?  

You might find a "character mark" on these handplanes.  A smudge, an inconsistency in the stain, a beard hair in the varnish.  That's what happens when things are made by hand in a small, cozy shop.  If you want somethings perfect, find a way to put a strap on an iPad and go bodysurfing with it.  I'm sure you'll get some looks, and the people in the sterile suits in the Foxconn plant will be stoked that your fruitless pursuit of aquatic joy put another renmindbi in their pockets.